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Matrimony in Massachusetts

This week’s story is an engaging tale sent in from a librarian in Massachusetts. What could be more romantic to a librarian than a proposal made in the middle of a beloved library, surrounded by books and enthusiastic coworkers? Thank you to Marcie and Kevin for sharing your wonderful engagement story, and best wishes to a lifetime together! 

“Marcie and Kevin: Matrimony in Massachusetts”

I’m a reference librarian in a public library in Massachusetts. I started dating my boyfriend in early 2008, and we quickly realized we wanted to get married. We decided on a wedding date of August 8, 2009. As the day of August 8, 2008, arrived, I was a little excited to see if he would officially propose. We’re both sentimental and getting engaged a year to the day of our planned wedding would be special for both of us.

Aug. 8, 2008, was a Friday, and it was muggy and sticky. Kevin had emailed me to say he’d taken the day off because he wasn’t feeling well, so I knew he was home. All day I wondered if he’d surprise me at work, but as the day wore on I told myself not to be disappointed if he didn’t come. He would propose when he wanted and whenever it was, it would be special.

About half an hour before the library closed, I sensed someone approach my desk. I looked up to see Kevin, wearing the jersey of one of my favorite baseball teams and carrying two dozen red roses. I wasn’t really nervous since I was half-expecting him, but it still felt a bit unreal. He’d picked out a ring, which he took from his pocket, and asked if I’d marry him. I said yes (of course!), and we ran to show my coworkers my new jewelry. One of them had her camera so she took pictures of us in the reference section.

I had dinner plans, so Kevin went back to his house and I had to wait a few hours before I could call my friends and family. (He and I never did have an engagement celebration.) We spent a happy year together and then got married on the beach in New Hampshire in 2009.

Marcie and Kevin

Library Lovebirds

These library lovebirds won the Valentine’s Day posting because, out of all of our entries, they were the only couple we found that actually held their wedding ceremony in the library! We had to honor their unique decision by featuring them as the Story of the Week this week. Thank you for your story, Kassia and Andrew, and many congratulations!
Library Lovebirds: Kassia and Andrew
"I Do" at the Reference Desk
“I Do” at the Reference Desk
Library Lovebirds
Library Lovebirds

My name is Kassia and I am the Young Adult Librarian at the East Islip Public Library in New York.  Two years ago, my husband and I got married at our hometown library.

 I grew up in East Islip and have worked at the library for ten years.  I started as a student page while in high school.  I stayed home for college and found that it was difficult to meet nice guys while commuting to school and living and working in a small town.  My mother, in her infinite wisdom, always told me I would meet someone at the library. 

Lo and behold, in my sophomore year of college, I noticed a handsome patron who had been coming in to read. Andrew had just returned home from college and was catching up on some peaceful reading at the library.  We exchanged phone numbers and began dating.

 Andrew and I got engaged while I was completing my graduate studies in library science.  During this time, the library had undergone an addition and renovation.  Going to work each day I admired the library’s grand entryway and open main floor.  We were looking for a place to have our ceremony when it struck me; if we moved the tables on the main floor leading up to the reference desk, we could make an aisle with program chairs.  Andrew and I thought it would be wonderful to have our ceremony in the exact place that facilitated our meeting.     
We received board approval provided that our ceremony was held on a day that the library was closed.  We chose Sunday, September 2, 2007, the last closed Sunday before the library resumed Sunday hours.  With the help of our wedding party the night before the wedding, we moved the tables and chairs into the stacks and arranged the program chairs to face the reference desk.  Decoration was minimal as we wanted to highlight the beauty of the building.  That day, everything went smoothly, except for the phone that rang towards the end of the ceremony!
Reference Wedding Aisle

Out with the Old Dog, In with the New Year

As we enter the first full week of 2010, we’re looking forward to some hilarious stories from libraries everywhere. Merry has a few goodies up her sleeve for the new year, too…

  1. Now you can call or text in your library stories to The Merry Librarian…for free*! Merry is excited to announce our “Call In A Story Line!”  Simply call (216) 23M-ERRY and leave us a message telling us your story. Be sure to speak very clearly, and leave us your email address if you want to hear back from us. (Your number will remain confidential, and no one from the Merry Librarian will ever call you or release your number to any outside agency.) There has never been a faster or easier way to share your library stories with the world!
  2. If you love reading, Merry has great news for you! The Merry Librarian will be launching “Merry’s Book Club” in 2010. We will add a page to the site that features short book reviews from fellow book-lovers and librarians, including reviews by Merry. You’ll be able to read reviews of all types of books, and maybe discover a few new gems for yourself. You’ll even be able to purchase titles directly through The Merry Librarian! Pretty cool, huh? If you’re interested in applying to be a book reviewer for the site, contact us at!
  3. In March, Merry will host our very first “Librarians of the World” month, featuring a whole month’s worth of stories sent in by librarians from Australia. (If you’re an Australian librarian , send us your stories by February 1!)

We’re excited to see what 2010 brings for The Merry Librarian!

The first Story of the Week for 2010 is a “tail” of one librarian going above and beyond the call of duty on behalf of man’s (or in this case, woman’s) best friend. Who knew a librarian’s job description included “Pet Wrangler”?!

So a coworker calls to the workroom to say that there is a dog running around the library. Being a government-worker I think, “that isn’t really my job, where is management?” But unable to resist the pull of the chance to pet a dog I go out on the floor as well. One patron seems to have the dog under control, and I say that I’ll take the dog (? why? I don’t know)

I grab the leash in time to hear the guy say, “The leash isn’t attached to the collar!” Dog wanders away and is getting more and more agitated, as more of us try to help. I’ve got the leash however so, I feel that this is my responsibility. The man who had the dog says to me, “I think the dog is blind, his eyes were weird.”

“OK,” I say following the elderly blind dog who also seems to suffer from arthritis. A low-speed chase follows with the dog occasionally stopping 30 feet from me to cock its head and debate if it should approach me as I call out to it, “come here little old dog.”

Dog leads me out of library, down the street, to an apartment complex. Runs to an apartment and throws itself down to sit at the front door. I ring the bell and knock. No answer. I wait

I knock. I try the door. Open.
Cat tries to bolt from apartment and dog runs in. I block the cat. shut the door.
“Well, I hope that was the apartment,” I think. If not I’ve made a bad situation weirder.

I leave the apartment and head back to the library. I run into a woman who has a I’ve-lost-my-dog look about her. I ask. and yes it is her dog and yes the apartment number I say is her apartment. I tell her that her dog went home.

I feel very good about this.

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