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Basically, The Merry Librarian is a blog. Therefore, we have some terms and conditions you should be aware of. (You can also check out our Privacy Statement here if you are curious about how we treat any personal information we gather, such as email addresses and names. Don’t worry…we’re people, too. We respect your privacy!)

All posts on The Merry Librarian are a mixture of reader submissions (in block quotes) and “Merry’s” introductions and notes. Here’s what you should know…

Submitted Materials

Once items are submitted to Merry, the submitting author is giving The Merry Librarian and its owners permission to publish the submission on www.merrylibrarian.com, and in any other future format. All submissions will, of course, remain anonymous at all times.

Merry’s Stuff

“Merry” considers this site to be her blog, and has complete creative authority over content, appearance and anything else cool. She reserves the right to post submitted materials at her discretion. (That means that materials can be rejected for any reason at any time. Sorry, folks.)

Copyrights and Content Information

Because this is Merry’s site, owned and operated, no portion of this blog may be used without consent from the author. (Aka, don’t plagiarize! It just isn’t nice.) Feel free to share posts using our “Share” icon, though!

Though the site is owned and operated by Merry, this blog is unique in that the contributing authors are always anonymous contributors from around the world. Because of this, Merry does not censor submissions based on her own opinions. All are welcome to contribute, as long as the stories are relevant and respectful. Therefore, the views and opinions expressed on this site are not necessarily those of the owner…so don’t get mad at Merry. She’s just the messenger.


Merry loves getting your comments on the site! However, comments, like all submitted material, are subject to rejection if they are deemed inappropriate, disrespectful or irrelevant. Basically, if we don’t want to post your comment, we don’t have to. (We’re not too picky, though. Our readers are pretty awesome most of the time!)

Media and other info…

Finally, be aware that any media (pictures, videos, etc.) you send in is considered publishable on our site. This means that you, the submitter, are responsible for any violation of copyrights from outside sources. (We do keep your email address in our records. If someone contacts us and says we’ve violated a copyright law by posting the media you’ve submitted, we will happily pass the responsibility on to you.) So play it safe: make sure you have the right to submit items to us! (This rule is mainly regarding pictures and videos. Unless you’re a dirty, dirty plagiarizer, we’re not too worried about written submissions. Those tend to be original. 🙂 )

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