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If you have ever worked in a library, or even just been to one, then this site is for you! The Merry Librarian is designed to give library employees everywhere a place to share the true library stories of their daily lives in public and academic libraries. But don’t be fooled: this site is anything but boring! Anyone who has ever worked in a library can tell you that the most hilarious, disgusting, heartwarming, alarming, shocking and ridiculous things happen in a library every day.

Don’t believe us?

What if we told you that a grown woman–wearing white pants–left a trail of feces from the front door all the way to the back exit of a library in Colorado? Or we could warm your heart with the story of an ex-con dad who held his fifteen-year-old son accountable for the stack of DVDs the boy had stolen, and brought the boy (and the librarian) to tears with his confessions of wanting his son to be a better man than he had been. And if that’s not enough to convince you, then check out some of the “crazy quotes” we’ve heard–including an elderly woman loudly asking the librarian, “Is ‘Adult Materials’ where you keep the pornography?”

To read these stories, and many more, check out our “Story of the Week Archivesin the column on the right. There you will find all of the crazy tales sent in from around the world! You can also click on items of interest in our tag cloud. (For the best of the best, check out “Merry’s Favorites“!)

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As always, thanks for all the fish!

~The Merry Librarian

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