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Submission Rules…Well, they’re more like guidelines

If you have a story you want to send us, take a gander at these quick suggestions!

1. Don’t stress! The last thing library employees need is more stress. If you have a story to share, but don’t have much time, just send us a brief version of the story. Don’t worry about grammar or crafting a beautiful work of art: we’ll do all that for you!

2. Don’t fear! The Merry Librarian works in a library, too, so we understand the necessity of confidentiality. Be aware that ALL names, including library names and districts, will be changed before your story is posted. We promise to keep everything anonymous and private: for your peace of mind, as well as ours!

3. No censorship! Librarians don’t believe in censorship when it comes to what patrons read, so why censor ourselves when reporting the true-life experiences we have? If your story doesn’t seem to “fit” into a category on our site, send it anyway! We want to hear it all: the disgusting, funny, strange, sad, heartwarming, powerful, pathetic, outrageous, quirky, cute…the list goes on. So don’t feel the need conform: just like Uncle Sam, “We want you!”

4. May the Force be with you. (Okay, really that doesn’t have anything to do with this rule…err, guideline. We just couldn’t think of a cute quip.) When submitting, be sure to write “Library Story” in the subject line so your email won’t inadvertently get tossed with our spam. Also, and this is really, really important: tell everyone you know about The Merry Librarian!

There you go! Enjoy your fun, outrageous, unpredictable jobs, and keep sending us your stories.

As always, thanks for all the fish!

~The Merry Librarian

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