Another Day, Another Demon

We’ve all encountered at least one patron looking to learn more about demons, witchcraft or exorcism. It seems like every encounter is a story worthy of The Merry Librarian! The attitude of this particular librarian made us smile, however. Perhaps she should write the first book on the subject…it’s bound to be stolen from library shelves across the country in no time!

“In the early 90s, I was working as an adult reference librarian at a public library in a small city and was approached by a perfectly normal looking and sounding man (and yes, we had more than our fair share of crazies – this guy wasn’t one of them). The following dialogue ensued:

Patron: I need to find a book on demons.

Librarian: (sighing to self because nearly every book in the library on witchcraft, astrology, demons, etc., had already been stolen) Well, what type of information do you need on that?

Patron: My stepson is being visited in his sleep by some type of demon.

Librarian: You mean like a succubus or incubus?

Patron: Oh, not for sex like in that movie Succubus.

Librarian: Are you looking for a book on how to exorcise it?

Patron: Oh no, I want a book on how to control it and make it do things for me.

Because I could not find a book on How to Control Demons for Fun and Profit, I directed the patron to the Man, Myth and Magic Encyclopedia set we kept behind the reference desk because the first set had been stolen.”

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2 Responses to “Another Day, Another Demon”

  • Raynor:

    You didn’t have a copy of Practical Demonkeeping on hand?

    I had a group of teenagers who became quite the local history experts after reading most of our local history collection to help with their ghost-hunting expeditions.

  • "Kaitlin":

    If we’d had a copy of Practical Demonkeeping, that probably would have been stolen too!

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