A Case of Mistaken Identity, Mate

Another tale from Queensland, Australia, demonstrates the global phenomenon of patrons mistaking librarians for…well, just about anything else. We’ve had patrons mistake us for janitors, psychics, babysitters, contractors…just to name a few. (Check out our archives for more stories of mistaken identity!)  In this case, the patron assumes the librarian capable of incredible financial feats. Ah, well. It all goes back to that infamous question: “You are a librarian, aren’t you?”

Library patron was using one of  our public use Internet access computers. I’d had a fair amount of trouble getting him logged on as he wasn’t too computer savvy but no worries, that’s what we’re there for,  we’re in a low socio-economic area and a big part of our job is to get people ‘connected’.

However, my jaw dropped when he came over and complained that he was trying to book a plane flight and his card was rejected!  Could I fix it? (Yes I did make sure he was actually using his credit card and  not some other card and that he was using the site correctly.)

I guess this comes under the heading ” I’m your librarian not your #$%@#* banker!”

~“Shelly” Queensland, Australia

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