Kama Sutra, Australian Style

The library offers people countless opportunities to improve their quality of life, be it through education, financial advice, or by providing the information you need to spice things up a bit. We knew Australia was hot…but this story proves that it may be even hotter than you think!

Enjoy this one, sent in from Queensland, Australia!

At my library branch in Australia we have a favourite ‘quite senior’ couple.
She is on a walking frame and he has a stick. They happily hobble in and out
together frequently. We know for sure that any erotic fiction we may have on
our New Books display will be going home with them.

They first came to our special attention when they asked about the Kama
Sutra which was quite a while back now. Out it went with them and I have to
admit that given their  physical limitations we were definitely perplexed.
However as time has passed and their interest in this area does not wane we
think that they were probably looking for new ideas on just how to manage
best considering their problems.  More power to them and it just goes to
show that a visit to your local library can help with just about anything.

~“Shelly” Queensland, Australia

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One Response to “Kama Sutra, Australian Style”

  • Melissa:

    Aww, that’s cute! 🙂 It may be weird, but I hope to be like that with my husband when we are really old!

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