When You Ask a Kid A Question…You’re Gonna Get an Answer!

Kids may say the darnedest things, but sometimes, librarians ask the silliest questions! Such is the case with this week’s story. All of us who have worked with children or performed story times know that even the most innocent question on our part can lead to an embarrassingly honest answer from an eager-to-please kiddo. There is just no avoiding situations like this one…unless, of course, you choose to stick to adult reference. Then again, as evidenced by November’s theme, adult reference has its share of embarrassing moments. Guess there’s just no avoiding a little humiliation in the public library!

My favorite “story time” experience was when I had donned a number of animal tails, affixed them to the back of a pair of sweat pants, and pulled each one out at the appropriate time as I read a variety of animal “tales.”  In what can only be called an Art Linkletter moment, I paused, tried to cover the fact that I was having difficulty turning a page, and asked the children if people have tails……
Bad call, story lady……never ask a question you don’t know the answer to…..
One especially adorable, anxious to please, precocious four year old jumped up and said, excitedly, “No, but I have a penis!”
Mom was mortified, all other mom’s were trying their best not to laugh out loud, and I learned to move on, very, very quickly!
~”Wanda” from Wisconsin


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