“Wattle” You Read This! (More Tales from the Reference Desk)

Happy Thanksgiving week to our readers in the United States! (To those of you elsewhere, we hope you enjoy your average, run-of-the-mill Thursday this week. 🙂 )

The holidays are all about two things: food and family. While our Story of the Week this week isn’t exactly food-based (unless you are one of our cannible readers…we certainly don’t want to exclude you!), this story does resonate with something every family has in common: miscommunication. Turns out librarians get confused, too. (But only occasionally…right?)

So grab a drumstick (or perhaps a “tofurkey” stick?), kick back in front of the game, and give thanks for the fact that you aren’t working the Reference Desk today!

This was the ultimate in miscommunication for me! 

A patron called the reference desk and said,”Honey can you give me the number for the body parts store?”

My son was currently taking courses in auto body repair, so I thought I could cover this one. I grabbed the Pittsburgh yellow pages and replied:

“Would that be for a foreign or a domestic car ma’am?”

She replied, “No, no honey. You know, the body parts store. Where they got the kidneys and livers and such!”

She wanted the phone number for the organ donor bank, which I was able to give her before I broke up laughing.


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