Crazy Quotes

At the end of the summer, the district hosted a large party for all of the children who participated in the summer program. It was a very hot day, but that didn’t stop the kids from lining up, barefoot, for the giant jumping house. The fake grass on the field was just too hot for a pair of 6 year old twin boys, and they were jumping around with cries of “Ow! Ow! Ow!” It was then that their older brother (9) said very calmly:

“If you just set your mind at peace and allow yourself to become one with the grass, your feet will become like stones and you won’t get burned.”


An older female patron had just received her brand new library card. She looked briefly around the room and then turned to the librarian at the desk and asked loudly:

“Is ‘Adult Materials’ where you keep the pornography?”

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