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Library Lovin’ in Auburn, Alabama

The long-awaited “Library Love: Library Weddings and Engagements” month has finally arrived! We’ve spent the last few months seeking true stories of weddings/ engagements, and the corresponding photography of each, that has taken place in libraries around the world. We are proud to share these fantastic stories with you!
Thank you to those who sent in your beautiful stories of engagements/ weddings taking place at your local library. We found that, most of the time, those who had photos and stories to share were employees of the very libraries depicted in each story. Merry loves that librarians around the world are so dedicated to their jobs that they choose to spend some of the most important days of their lives in the buildings they love! How many other professions can claim such passion? 🙂

And so, here it is…week one of “Library Love: Library Weddings and Engagements.”


“Christopher and Melissa: Library Lovin’ in Auburn, Alabama”
Our story is that Chris and I met at a wedding 1.5 years ago that took place while I was in graduate school and Chris was working as a library associate in an Atlanta-area library system. We were then and still are both surrounded by books and passionate about reading and knowledge, and when we became engaged, we both agreed that a library would be a great place to take pictures! Our photographer just followed us around as we did our own goofy things, and the pictures that resulted are so wonderful. We are getting married next year.
 Book LoversQuiet LoveSmooching in the Stacks
Christopher and Melissa’s fabulous photographer is Claire Drummond. Check out Claire’s website here.
To see more photos from Christopher and Melissa’s engagement session, click here!
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